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Places of Interest Leh Ladakh, Leh Ladakh Tourist Places

Leh City
Leh City Tours Flying into Leh, the cold desert land, over the magnificent Himalayas is a beautiful and scary experience at once. Leh Palace illuminated by huge halogen lamps looks like a bewitching castle on a hilltop set ablaze in the dark nights of the Leh. Drive in the city is as exciting as the wonders it has in its lap with the long isolated winding road that opens up into a sheer expanse of arid flatness in burnt sienna. There is blinding sun at the top and perhaps at the first impression, a visitor is not likely to appreciate the blessings of the land fully.
Bon and Buddhism rule the lifestyle and culture of the people here. The Chortens (Stupas) and enchanting Gompas (Monasteries) adorn the city with their presence. The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful and there is an ominous beauty in the stark surroundings of Ladakh. The Hinayana Buddhist way of life lends a benevolent spirit to the very air of the region.

Pangong Lake leh ladakh india Pangong Lake
Pangong is 40 miles in length and nearly 2-4 miles in width at a height of 4267m above the sea level What strikes the eye in coming first in view of this lake is the lovely colour of its water, espacially towards evening, which is of the richest deep blue, over the whole expanse, at morning time, it is of a lighter a very brilliant colour. The water of the Lake is not that salty as sea water.

Tsomoriri Lake
The Tsomoriri Lake is a beautiful mountain bounded expanse of water, around 240 Kms. from Leh in Rupsho Valley. This lake is situated at an elevation of 4500 mtrs above the sea level. It is like a pearl shape and contains large mineral deposits. It is located at 14,000 ft. near a small village of Korzok. Korzok village is situated on the south west bank of this lake. One important landmark in the Korzok village is the 19th century Korzok Monastery. It houses Shakyamuni Buddha and other statues. Korzok gompa and its inhabitants, the nomadic people are most outstanding feature of this lake area, which raise herds of goats and yaks. The Tsokar (the salt Lake) is around 76 kms. from Tsomoriri. It is also a wonderful lake in this area, offering spectacular views. Tsomoriri Lake ladakh india

Nubra Valley
In the days of yore, the fertile Valley of Nubra formed a part of the overland route between Tibet and Turkestan. Once dotted with garlands of camel and yak caravans, this Silk Route glen is also known as the 'Valley of Flowers' of Ladakh, and is amongst the greenest valleys in the region, ideal for your holiday break.
One can understand why anyone would envy this flowering glen. During early summer, Nubra is clad in endless bushes of yellow and pink wild roses, and once the valley is through with the season of roses around August, a carpet of wild lavender lies gently on it.

Shey Palace Leh Ladakh tours, Monastery Tours Leh Ladakh India Shey Palace
Shey is about 15 kilometres from Leh and is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Ladakh. It also happens to have one of the oldest palaces called the Shey palace.
During the summer, the landscape of Ladakh is a contrast between the magnificent mountains and the green meadows of the valleys basking in the sun. The Shey valley was beckoning us.

Korzok Village
18 km from Leh, Spituk Gompa is on the hilltop near River Indus. Od-De founded the Gompa in 11th century and was called Spituk (exemplary) by Rinchen Zangpo, a translator that visited the place. Initially it belonged to the Kadampa School but during the reign of King Gragspa Bumide, he transferred it to Gayluk Pa order. Korzok Village Leh Ladakh India The monastery has a rich collection of ancient masks, antique arms, icons and numerous Thankas. An annual festival, known as the Spituk festival, is held here from 17th to 19th days of the eleventh month. There is another shrine, higher up the hill, known as the Mahakal Temple, dedicated to the deity of Vajrabhairava. It has a frightening face, which is unveiled only during the annual festival in January.

Alchi Gompa
Situated on the shores of the River Indus, Alchi Gompa is more than thousand years old. One of the walls of the monastery features thousands of miniature paintings of the Buddha along with three large sized images that are made of clay and have been painted brightly to be the highlights of the place. However, this place does not serve as active religious center anymore and monks only look after it from the Likir.
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