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Monasteries in Leh Ladakh

Stok Monastery
Stok was the Palace of the banished royal family. It houses a museum which displays fabulous period costumes and Jewelry of the royalty along-with exquisite tankhyas representing the life of the Sakya Muni Buddha. Interesting historical objects like coins, seals, armour, weapons, precious jade and porcelain can also be seen here.

Hemis Monastery
40 kms from Leh, Hemis is one of the richest, biggest & most famous gompa in Ladakh. Its popularity stems from the major annual festival held during summer in honour of their Guru Padma Sambhava's birth anniversary. Lamayuru Monastery Leh Ladakh India, Hemis Monastery Leh Ladakh India Built during 1630, it has numerous tankhyas, silver chortens studded with precious/semi precious stones and various images of Buddha. Of its many frescoes, the most famous is the Wheel of Life.

Lamayuru Monastery
The oldest holy site in Ladakh, Lamayuru was once a lake. It was blessed by a lama after which, as legend goes, the water of the lake receded upto the mountains leaving place for the monastery to be built. It is also the -free zone- of Ladakh since not even a criminal can be apprehended in this place. Now mostly in ruins, only the main hall exists today and houses numerous tankhyas.

Likir Monastery
Thiksey Monastery Leh, Ladakh Monastery Tours Founded in the 11th century AD and re-dedicated to another monastic order in the 15th century AD, the earlier gompa was destroyed in a fire. The present gompa dates back to the 18th century. Skilled craftsman producing excellent tankhyas, earthen pots, carved folding wooden stools etc. live in the village. Majestically situated, it commands a spectacular view.

Thiksey Monastery
19 kms from Leh, spectacularly sited and one of the finest example of Ladakhi architecture. Thiksey is one of the largest and most impressive gompas. There are several temples in this gompa containing images, stupas and exquisite wall paintings. It also houses a two- storeyed statue of Buddha which has the main prayer hall around its shoulder.

Spituk Monastery Leh Ladakh India, Buddhist Pilgrimage Tours Spituk Monastery
8 kms from Leh, it stands majestically on top of a hillock overlooking the Indus valley for miles. Many icons and fine - tankhyas- are to be found in this 15th century monastery. It also houses a collection of ancient masks, antique arms, and and an awe inspiring image of Mahakala. The face of the Kali image is kept covered and revealed only at the annual function in January every two years.

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